• Getting Benefits by using Reference Designs


    Reference Designs give customers a competitive edge. Building their own products based on our reference designs shortens design cycles, lowers overall design risk and allows earlier product releases. Using reference designs reduces overall product development cost.

    Customers use reference designs to build their own hardware and software based on our deliverables. This approach also gives fllexibility to adapt product feature sets from both, hardware and software side. Vicos supports customers on demand during product design, implementation and test cycles.

    Reference designs can be licensed per site or per product. Customers can select the most fitting business model.

  • Reference Design Package Content


    Reference designs are based on available products and contain the following packages:

    • Schematic diagrams
    • PCB layout  files
    • Programming files for any FPGA or processor devices
    • Any number of pieces of underlying standard product
    • Source for FPGA design, Verilog and/or VHDL (optional)
    • Project files for FPGA design with provided black box for IP (optional)
    • Source files for embedded software (optional)
  • SDI Camera Interface Reference Design Example


    This reference design does signal decoding and encoding to receive and process BT1120 and LVDS channel link like video input streams whereas outputting video as encoded 3G/HD/SD SDI signals compliant to related SMPTE 424M, 292M  and 259M standards.

    Customer gets one of our camera interface boards as reference. Included are data sheet, board schematic and layout files and FPGA firmware flash programming file.

Reference Designs

Speed up your total develeopment cycle with our reference designs.

Reference designs from Visual Communication Systems are based on finished products. This guarantees market proven feature sets and reliable technology.

Reference designs are available for many different signal processing, conversion, streaming or interfacing applications. Please contact us and let us know your special requirements.

Ref Designs