Aivion modular video and image processing products.

The AIVION product line is focussing on image and video capture applications where we are supporting sensors, camera front ends and camera blocks from world leading suppliers. Together with AIVION products, customers can easily and quickly build their own integrated camera solution.

For applications like video production, live events, special POV inspection and medical/health systems, AIVION also offers complete cameras. These are built on rugged full metal housings and are available with different optical zoom lenses, image sensor resolutions and signal output configuration. All cameras can be fully configured and operated by remote control.


AIVIONTM is a registered trademark in Germany and other countries.


Audiovisual Products

Standard products ready to use.

Vicos offers different lines of completely housed products fulfilling  various tasks in the audiovisual markets. Our line up includes signal  routers, point to point transmission solutions, signal converters,  multiplexers, capture solutions and signal monitoring and analyzing  equipment.

Flexible and generic modules for building your own system

For system integrators and customers who are building their own equipment,  we are offering a broad range of board level products. This is our well  known and leading AIVIONTM product line.

Customized or custom specific product for highest possible fit

Check out  services for details on custom designs.