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UHD - Ultra High Definition is the next step in video and TV technology. Beside Broadcast and Video Production this technology has also entered into Medical and Industrial Vision markets.

UHD-1 or 4K has 3840 by 2160 pixel resolution which is four times full HD (1920 by 1080). Beside higher resolution to reduce relative pixel size in displays, High Dynamic Range - HDR is one of the key enhancements. UHD-2 or 8K has 7680 by 4320 pixel resolution and is the overnext step ahead. Read more about UHD at SMPTE.

Vicos will introduce its new brand aviica during first half of 2019 with exciting full integrated cameras and integrated end to end solutions for video, imaging and embedded markets.

Vicos - Visual Communication Systems announces new TL8652/A HDMI Camera Interface with onboard MEMS Microphone

Vicos announces its new TL8652/A HDMI camera interface with onboard MEMS microphone. Sound acquired by the microphone is embedded into HDMI audio packets and transmitted embedded into the HDMI data stream. The interface board is fully USB powered and also allows for camera control over the uSB interface. Read more here ...

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Welcome to Visual Communication Systems.

As a leading manufacturer of hardware and software products we help customers to build complete video and image processing solutions for almost all markets which need visual technology for acquiring, watching,  detecting, inspecting, analyzing or to monitor any kind of objects or scenery.

Our products enable to capture, process, route and display video from SD standard definition up to UHD/4K ultra high definition. We support data  transmission over copper as well as over optical fiber cables. Our  focus is on keeping highest possible image quality from capture to  display or storage. Video and image compression is used only when inevitable to overcome bandwidth limitations of transmission channels or storage devices.

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